Stewart Chadwick is the son of Calliope and Henry Chadwick, and the brother of Rebecca Chadwick. He is currently dating Sarah.

Appearance Edit

Stewart wears nerdy clothes at first, including thick glasses and highwater pants. After being discovered as a model, his deep grey eyes and long eyelashes are much appreciated by any girl who reads Flashlite magazine.

Early Life Edit

Stewart was born in 1994, in Concord. He and his dad would be British soldiers together on Patriot's Day. He was a nerdy kid who loved reading. He also had an invisible friend named Brubby who he would blame for doing things that he actually did.

He was a male model in Flashlite after his freshman year, when Megan Wong had her fashion show and he was discovered by Wolfgang and the other people at Flashlite. He also edited the Alcott High newspaper. He is a terrible skater, despite the family tradition being hockey.

Stewart and Emma start dating when she is in eighth grade and he is in tenth grade. They have their first kiss right before Emma goes to England with her family for the year. They stay together for four years before breaking up in 2014.

Stewart went to Middlebury College, where he studied journalism and environmental studies. He is currently dating a girl named Sarah.