Shannon Delaney is the wife of Michael Delaney, and the mother of Jessica Delaney and Dylan and Ryan Delaney.

She did not become a main character of the series until Much Ado About Anne, since she was in New York for her acting career. She resides at Half Moon Farm with her family.

Early Life Edit

Shannon Delaney was born Shannon O'Halloran. She and her sister Bridget grew up very close. Shannon always wanted to be an actress, and she went to New York City to follow her dreams. She worked as a waitress when she was first married to Michael Delaney, and she went to the Met a lot. She had a love of country music, which is what led to the chickens' names.

The two of them lived in an apartment for a little bit before they moved to Half Moon Farm, and Jess was born.

Acting Career Edit

In 2007, Shannon "ran away from home" to audition for HeartBeats, a soap opera in New York City, using her maiden name of Shannon O'Halloran. She had the part of Larissa LaRue, who is supposed to be a glamorous and slightly snarky character. When she returned home in 2008, Larissa fell into a coma.

Later she also had a part in "I Remember Mama", in a Boston play troupe. She had to put on a Swedish accent, which confused the twins.

Appearance Edit

Shannon Delaney looks very similar to Jessica Delaney. They share the same pale complexion and light blue eyes, but Shannon's hair is dark, while Jess's is blonde. She has blue eyes, like her daughter.

She is slender, with a petite figure. She is 5'0''.