Phoebe Hawthorne is the mother of Darcy and Emma Hawthorne, and the wife of Nicholas Hawthorne. She is a librarian and lives on Lowell Road in Concord.

Phoebe has a sister Sarah. They loved reading Noel Streatfield books together. Phoebe also got into the Jane Austen books, which is why she ended up taking a double major in library science and English literature, with a Jane Austen specialty. She met Melanie Jacobs in college.

While in college, Phoebe spent a year abroad in England. She got to spend time in Bath and "Austen Territory", where she came across a pink kitchen, and always made her want to go back.

Phoebe is terrible at cooking, ("can't even boil water") but it was her who decided to make the kitchen pink. She marries Nicholas Hawthorne on April 17, 199? and they go to England for their honeymoon. Darcy is born in 1994, and Emma on June 18, 1996. They get Melville when Emma is two.

In 2010, after Nick's book is published, the house in Concord is swapped with Ivy Cottage, the Berkeley home, in Bath, England. Phoebe spends a very happy year in England with her family.

Phoebe and Nick are very happy together and very much in love.