Eva Bergson is an Olympic gold medalist who teaches ice skating lessons at the Concord rink. She coaches Emma Hawthorne, and despite the difference in sport, Cassidy Sloane is greatly helped by her, as Ms. Bergson helps Cassidy start a hockey club for little girls. Ms. Bergson is close friends with Gigi, as they are both "wise old owls". Ms. Bergson also cared for a puppy named Pip that also belonged to Emma Hawthorne. Eva passed away at the end of Pies and Prejudice, but she leaves a large sovereign of money for the book club.

Early Life Edit

Eva went to the Squaw Valley Olympics, where she met her husband Nils, a handsome Swedish speed skater. They never had kids (none ever "came along") but he supported her becoming a teacher after an accident prevented her from continuing to skate. She teaches many people, including Mrs. Hanford, Emma, and Cassidy, as well as being an ice dancing mentor for Tristan Berkeley.