Lily Wong is the daughter of Gigi Chen and wife of Jerry Wong. She is also the mother of Megan Wong. She and Gigi do not usually get along.

Early Life Edit

Lily Chen grew up in Hong Kong with her two sisters, neither rich nor poor. She studies French in high school. She goes to MIT in America, Gigi says she "couldn't wait to be an American girl" and didn't want to wear Gigi's kei pou.

She dates Jerry Wong at MIT, nicknaming him "Gilbert". They break up before getting back together six months later, both of them having dated other people. Lily went to Washington and Jerry worked for a Boston computer company. Lily remembers having compared everyone else to Jerry.

They honeymoon in Cape Cod.


Lily is Chinese originally, and has short, no-nonsense haircut. She wears shirts that say things like "Imagine Whirled Peas".

Later Life Edit

The two of them live in Concord for at least ten years, in a small house with a little sunroom. Megan Rose Wong is born in 1996. There aren't any other children because Lily is in favor of zero population growth.

In 2005 Jerry makes a lot of money with his invention, and Lily is determined to give it all away. She is on the Riverkeepers board, and many other boards as well, including the Library board. She supports many causes and wanted Megan to be first an ice skater, then an environmental lawyer. She is known as "Handcuffs Wong" after a stunt when Half Moon Farm was in need of money. Lily is a vegetarian.

In 2012, Mayor Perkins is accused of embezzlement and Lily runs for mayor. She ends up getting elected mayor.