Felicia Gruneswald is Jess's cousin. Her parents are Bridget O'Halloran and Hans Gruneswald. They live at the Edelweiss Inn, in New Hampshire. Felicia is introduced in "Home For The Holidays".

Her defining characteristic is that she is completely obsessed with anything Medieval. She loves string quartets and velvet capes and plays the sackbut and the lute. She usually wears her hair up in braids around her ears. Felicia works at Camp Lovejoy every summer, where she follows "Marge the Barge" around.

She also likes to brag about her IQ, but she is very socially awkward, especially around Jonas. She is a year older than Jess. She has been to Europe and is bilingual (German and English). She loves English and History, which is why she and Emma get along so well at first.

Appearance Edit

She has dark hair in "ripples down her back", like her mother. She has blue eyes like her father. Usually she wears Medieval clothes everywhere.