Darcy Hawthorne is the son of Phoebe and Nicholas Hawthorne, and the sister of Emma Jane Hawthorne. He is two years older than Emma.

His best friend is Kyle Andersen, and his girlfriend is Jessica Delaney.

Early Life Edit

Darcy is named after Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, since his mother likes Jane Austen so much. He is born in 1994. He has a "Little Mermaid" phase as a toddler, when he memorizes the songs, has the DVD and CDs, and even a pair of Little Mermaid pajamas. Darcy is always well-liked by girls, and although Jess starts out as his sister's best friend, they end up dating and secretly meeting up at the library.

Appearance Edit

He is 6 feet tall, with short, curly dark hair and brown eyes. He has a very nice smile.

Personality Edit

Darcy is a bit of a history buff, but he is also a sports jock who plays football and baseball and hockey. He is a genuinely kind person, and a smart person as well. He is popular and well-liked by many girls while he is in high school.

Darcy later interns at the Smithsonian Institution.