Courtney Sloane is the older sister of Cassidy Sloane and half-sister of Chloe Sloane-Kinkaid.


Courtney is described to be a carbon-copy of her mother. She is tall, and has blue eyes and blond hair.

Life Edit

Courtney was born in Laguna Beach, CA. She was close to her mother, being the "girly" sister. Her father died when she was a freshman in high school. In Concord Courtney became a cheerleader and had many boyfriends. She went to UCLA for college, and met Grant Bell from Santa Barbara. They elope in 2014 and have the wedding ceremony in November.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Clementine Sloane: Courtney's mother, they both are very close.

David: Courtney's father, who died in a car accident before they moved to Concord.

Cassidy Sloane: Courtney's younger sister, they used to fight a lot when they were younger but now have a very sisterly relationship.

Chloe Sloane-Kinkaid: Courtney's baby half-sister.

Stanley Kinkaid: Courtney's step-father, who got married to Courtney's mother in the book "Much Ado About Anne". Courtney thought Stanley was really nice and she used tell Cassidy to give him a chance.

Grant Bell: Courtney's fiance. She likes that he loves her for her goofy personality.