Camp Lovejoy is located in Pumpkin Falls, Maine, and is featured in Mother-Daughter Book Camp. It has many songs and traditions, and the "cookies" are well liked

Known Campers Edit

Amy Osbourne-- daughter of Priyanka Osbourne, plays violin. Small and slender, with dark hair and eyes. Grace Friedman-- athletic with blonde tangled hair Mia Jackson-- spritely with mischievous smile and short, dark curls Kate Kwan-- very tall Harper Kennedy-- freckled redhead from Boston, braids Brooklyn Alvarez-- charmer from Brooklyn, loves to run Carter Stevens-- afro curls, loves fashion Monica "Nica" and Frederika "Freddie" Simpson-- St. Louis twins, Nica is a poet Tara Lindgren-- Manhattan city girl with pixie cut, very shy Pippa Lovejoy-- has pink sparkly glasses, strawberry blonde curls, missing teeth, cute lisp, and lots of nearby family Meriwether "Meri" Milligan-- dark ponytail, swimmer Lauren Lovejoy-- on the swim team, in Meadow

Known Counselors Edit

Brianna Petersen-- Meadow counselor Melissa Yee-- Meadow counselor