Calliope Chadwick, born Calliope Gilman. Daughter of Grace Gilman (Gram) and wife of Henry Chadwick, mother of Stewart and Becca Chadwick.

She grew up in Concord, her dad and brother played hockey. She was a Girl Scout and read the Betsy Tacy books because of her moither. She went to Colonial Academy with Poppy Sinclair and Polly Perkins. They used to go skinny-dipping at Walden Pond and play field hockey. Calliope used to look a lot like Becca.

As a mother, she lives on Lowell Road and is known as a gossip and a battleaxe with a large bottom, who Nick Hawthorne immortalizes in his novel. She is a member of a lot of committees and helps save the library. She has a midlife crisis in the third book, where she starts wearing crazy outfits and goes back to school for a degree in landscape design.