Personality & Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

"She's a spoiled brat and always has been. Her parents have never been able to say no to her ."

-Olivia Loomis, "Pies & Prejudice"

Annabelle is not a very nice person. She bullies other kids whenever "it suits her fancy". She is two faced, because she acts all sweet around adults. She is extremely spoiled by her parents.

Annabelle likes ice dancing and is very good at it.

Appearance Edit

Annabelle has dark hair and is pretty.

Relationships Edit

Emma Hawthorne (Enemies) Edit

Annabelle hates Emma, who is two years younger than her. Annabelle is mean to her and Emma calls her "Stinkerbelle" behind her back. Emma hates her so much that she wrote a book about her.

The Other Members Of The Mother Daughter Book Club (Enemies) Edit

Annabelle also doesn't like the other members of the book club because they are friends with Emma. They also hate her and call her "Stinkerbelle" behind her back.

Sophie Fairfax (Cousins/Friends) Edit

Sophie and Annabelle are cousins and seem to be pretty friendly.

Jemima Duff, Sophie Miles and Victoria Wesley (Friends) Edit

Annabelle is friends with Jemima, Sophie and Victoria. They all have nicknames for each other that no one else is allowed to use. Jemima, Sophie and Victoria follow Annabelle around and do whatever she says.

Rupert Loomis Edit

Annabelle doesn't like Rupert and thinks he is weird and a loser. Rupert is scared of Annabelle and definitely doesn't like her.

Lucy Woodhouse Edit

Annabelle doesn't like Lucy and Lucy doesn't like her either.

Tristan Berkeley (Distant Cousin and Crush) Edit

Tristan and Annabelle are "distant cousins" but it is implied that she has a crush on him, though she doesn't say so aloud. He probably does not like her back.

Cranfield Bartlett III "Third" (Crush) Edit

When Annabelle and Third meet they started to like each other. It is unknown if they ever begin to date.